Nintendo reveals Ganondorf in the latest Tears of the Kingdom Trailer

Do not look away. You witness a king's revival...and the birth of his new world.

It’s no secret that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is one of the most anticipated releases of 2023, and with the launch just a month away, Nintendo dropped the final trailer. The previous showcase looked at new mechanics, but this trailer gave us insight into the game’s story. Not only that, but we finally get to see Ganondorf, the iconic Zelda villain who’s been teased since Tears of the Kingdom’s reveal back in 2019.

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Link and Zelda return to the fractured world introduced in Breath of the Wild. Set years after the original, dark forces rise the threaten the land of Hyrule once again. Though the threat of Ganon was vanquished years prior, the dark spirit returns in human form. Ganondorf is born in this sequel. We’d seen a husk of this villain in the announcement trailer for Tears of the Kingdom, but very little since. While Ganondorf’s reveal was brief, we did get a glimpse of the malevolent king in all his haunting fury.

Tears of the Kingdom ganondorf
Image via Nintendo

Nintendo of America also revealed the official art for Ganondorf, giving players a look at his full model. Known as the mighty Demon King, Ganondorf, in Tears of the Kingdom, he’s sure to pose a serious threat to Link, Zelda, and their allies.

Link won’t tackle this threat alone, though, as new and old friends tag along for this journey, including Riju and Sidon, the descendants of the original champions. In the trailer, Sidon and Link fight an enemy together, which hints at a companion system. How often these allies join Link on his adventure and who can participate in his journey is a mystery, but we’re sure to see more in the game when it launches on May 12.

Legend of Zelda tears of the kingdom riju sidon
Image via Nintendo

To see the final trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, visit the video below.

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