Octane and Lifeline’s friendship takes center stage in Apex Legends Stories from the Outlands: Family Business

Octane and Lifeline navigate their family ties, and the reality of the world around them.

For Apex Legends players who love Octane and Lifeline, the newest animated short was a treat. Their friendship, their fashion sense, and their complicated family ties took center stage in the newest Stories from the Outlands, Family Business. The short was a flashback and shows Octavio Silva (Octane) and Ajay Che (Lifeline) before their time in the Apex Games.

Stories from the Outlands: Family Business

The Stories from the Outlands: Family Business Apex Legends short is 8 minutes and 35 seconds long, and can be found on the official Apex Legends YouTube channel.

Family Ties

Silva Pharmaceuticals
Image via Respawn

Octavio and Ajay both come from powerful families in charge of big companies of oppressive regime. Both Legends have rebelled against their families in various ways, but also still have some connections and compassion for them. This can lead to a greater bond being formed between the two of them, but also bonds being broken around them.

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Flyer Liars

Flyer Liars
Image via Respawn

In addition to stunning visuals, we also get out second glimpse at in-universe music for Apex Legends. Similar to how Fuse is a musician, and performed Outlaws’ Oath, Flyer Liars is Lifeline’s band. They have a punk rock sound to them, and their tracks get Lifeline totally pumped. Many fans are hoping for a full music video for the song and/or band in the future.

Becoming Apex Legends

Bangalore in the Apex Games
Image via Respawn

The Stories from the Outlands ends with Ajay’s boyfriend leaving her due to her ties to her family, and Ajay seeing a television spot for Bangalore in the Apex Games. Given her need for more supplies and money funds, this inspires her and Octavio to join the Apex Games themselves.

Every Legend in Apex Legends has a different reason for joining. Some by choice, others by force. But this was why these two joined, and why Ajay became Lifeline.

Apex Legends Stories from the Outlands: Family Business aired on June 14, 2022 during Season 13: Saviors.

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