Perks added to Ranked Apex Legends Mobile for new LTM

Legend Mastery your way to Masters.

Every Legend in the Apex Legends has three main abilities: Ultimate, Tactical, and Passive. That said, in Apex Legends Mobile specifically, there is another set of abilities that can enhance a Legend’s kit called Perks. Leveling up a Legend Mastery meter by playing games with a specific Legend is the only way to unlock these perks. You can equip of each of the three perk types at any given time once you’ve unlocked them. While these perks work in the basic Battle Royale, they haven’t shown up in Ranked… until now.

Active Legend Perks Ranked LTM

Mirage Perks
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Active Legend Perks is the first Limited-Time Mode (LTM) introduced to Ranked in Apex Legends Mobile. The LTM will run from July 22 through July 24. While the LTM is live, all Legend Perks are fair game for Ranked. This means that players who have their Legend Mastery at high or max level will have an advantage in Ranked.

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This also means that players will be a little more cutthroat about getting their mains, and greater disappoint when they are stuck with a Legend they don’t play as much. The developers for Apex Legends Mobile have stated they want to hear from the players what they think about this LTM. Note that the gear Perks for Legendary gear are separate and always active.

Giving Apex Legends Mobile Feedback

In addition, Player feedback on Limited-Time Modes helps in a few different major ways. One, the developers make consider permanently adding some of the LTM’s elements into the game. Two, the developers will consider whether or not LTMs are going over well in a certain game mode. Three, the developers will consider whether or not to bring the LTM back at a future date. (or create a new similar mode)

Ranked LTMs have not been a part of Apex Legends on PC and console for a long time. That means this could also be a great way for Apex Legends Mobile to further set themselves apart from the core game. Lastly, setting themselves apart can mean great longevity of the game.

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