Pokemon spoils latest anime finale before it’s out in the US

Maybe wait until the anime finale is out in America before announcing how it ends.

After over 20 years, Ash Ketchum earned the title of Pokemon Champion in the 2019 anime. Once he got the title, he qualified for a new type of tournament: The World Coronation series. Here, the famous trainer gathered with some of the best trainers from each region, and they’re all fighting to see who’s the best in the world. After Ash climbed to the Master’s Eight, the tournament’s final stage, only seven trainers stood in his way.

Each of the Master’s Eight is a champion in their respective region. Once fans saw Ash make it to the top of the ladder, the finale was a hot topic. It’s been an emotional journey for fans following the series, and as the Pokemon Journeys anime wraps in Japan, the Pokemon Twitter page decided to post the results online.

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It’s been an emotional journey for fans following the series, and as the Pokemon Journeys anime wraps in Japan, the Pokemon Twitter page posted the results online.

While those following the anime saw this post as endearing, others were less impressed. Despite so few viewers seeing the finale, The Pokemon Company shared an image of the Champion and their team.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Pokemon Journeys anime finale. Proceed with caution.

Pokemon anime spoilers warning journeys
Image via The Pokémon Company

Though it may shock some, the Pokemon World Champion and Monarch is none other than Ash Ketchum. Ash took the title after defeating Steven, Cynthia, and Leon in three harrowing battles. He used the following six Pokemon to beat the competition:

  • Dracovish
  • Dragonite
  • Gengar
  • Lucario
  • Sirfetch’d
  • Pikachu

Getting the title of World Champion is a landmark achievement for the young trainer. Because he’s finally become the very best, fans think it may end Ash’s run as the protagonist. While that may be true, Ash had an unforgettable journey, one he shared with millions worldwide.

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