Rick Sanchez set to join the MultiVersus Roster on 9/27

The prodigal scientist returns.

Months after his initial reveal, Rick Sanchez is finally coming to MultiVersus. The famous scientist from the hit show, Rick and Morty, joins his antsy grandson in WB’s platform fighter.

Player First Games took to Twitter to share the class breakdown card for the upcoming Mage-class character. Rick uses a Fart Bomb, Meeseeks Box, and Portal Gun during battle, with several other moves at his disposal.

Out of nowhere, Player First Games shared the scientist was coming on 9/27, less than 24 hours before his release. After his announcement and leak during the summer, Rick Sanchez saw a rework with several new moves and tweaks to his kit, which caused a delay in release. While some attacks saw changes, WB hasn’t shown what tweaks to expect just yet.

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Despite the changes, players can expect the leaked skins like Pickle Rick to appear in the roster during this character’s release. Despite Gizmo releasing just two weeks before Rick, Player First Games continues to roll out roster additions.

Rick is an expert-level character, meaning players need 3,000 Gold to unlock him permanently. Those who own Character Tickets can use these in place of Gold to unlock Rick without using their in-game currency. If you don’t have enough, don’t fret, as most players can earn 3,000 Gold in a day or two of playing.

To see the teaser trailer for Rick from WB, check the ‘Guess Who’s Next!’ video below:

Rick isn’t the last character coming to MultiVersus in Season 1. Player First Games confirmed that Black Adam and Stripe would join the game before the season ends in November.

MultiVersus Black Adam Stripe new characters
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Not only this, but there are rumors that other Halloween-themed characters could come in October. More details to come soon!

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