Square Enix Releases New FFXIV Dawntrail Class Art

A new look at the jobs coming to FFXIV this summer.

The FFXIV expansion, Dawntrail, is just a few months away, and in the lead-up to its release, Square’s marketing team is posting new content, even sharing new illustrations!

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The FFXIV Twitter account shared a new look at the Pictomancer and Viper jobs in illustrations by Yusuke Mogi. The Viper art even shows the new playable character, Female Hrothgar.

If they purchase the expansion, players can expect to play these upcoming classes when Dawntrail launches in the Summer of 2024. While Square Enix hasn’t given an official release date yet, they’re sure to do so in the coming months, with summer right around the corner.

Dawntrail is expected to retail at $39.99 on release, with a Complete Edition carrying all expansions launching alongside it.

Players new to FFXIV can also play free of charge until level 70 and the end of the Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood expansion. This includes making characters in classes exclusive to those DLCs, like my favorite DLC class, the Samurai.

Do you still want more on Dawntrail? Check out the Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail Full Trailer below to glimpse the story.

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