Stormgate fires RTS flair into Summer Game Fest

It's the end of the world as you know it.

Summer Game Fest had no shortage of new announcements for players. With new content revealed for existing games and world premiere features. Frost Giant Studios unveiled their latest project for fans to see. Stormgate, a new free-to-play RTS game, is on its way to PC.

Stormgate takes place in a world where humans are at war with alien invaders, and only players skilled enough in real-time strategy will overcome the odds. Players can play the campaign and casual and competitive PvP against other players online.

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Furthermore, players can get their first look at Stormgate on Steam now. The Stormgate Steam page is live, and players can register for the upcoming beta. All in all, it’s an enticing title worth reviewing. Be that as it may, the game site crashed after the announcement, making reaching the site difficult.

Image via Frost Giant Studios

Finally, for more information on Stormgate, including how to sign up for the open beta, visit the official Stormgate Twitter Page for the latest on this highly anticipated RTS game coming next year. Eventually, we’ll get more information, but Frost Giant Studios won’t have time to share more until their site goes online.

Keep your eyes on Press SPACE to Jump for more info on Stormgate!

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