Stripe now releasing this week in MultiVersus

Someone fed him after midnight.

Season 1 of Multiversus continues to expand the roster with iconic additions. The last character, Rick Sanchez, added a science fiction flair to the game, but the next character is more sinister. Stripe, a Gremlin from the 1984 film, will debut in the next few days.

After appearing in a teaser image for Season 1, players can finally take this Assassin class villain for a spin in the WB platform fighter during the second week of October. On October 7, Multiversus posted the Stripe reveal trailer after teasing him the evening before. As the villain in the Gremlins series, Stripes see a chilling reveal. WB posted the reveal to their YouTube channel and Twitter, which you can see below.

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Later that day, the team at MultiVersus shared more info on the upcoming character, including a look at his move set. Stripe uses claws, chainsaws, and guns to take his enemies apart. Check out the class breakdown card for Stripe below for a peek at his abilities and design. Assassins in MultiVersus focus on dealing loads of damage, and while Stripe fits this description, he adds a unique flair to his fighting style.

Stripe’s voice actor in MultiVersus will be Daniel Ross, the same voice behind Gizmo, the other Gremlins rep. Player First Games welcomed Ross’ latest characters via a post on their Twitter. Despite the two sharing a voice actor, they couldn’t sound farther apart. While Ross’ delivery for Gizmo is gentle and adorable, Stripe’s is hostile and menacing, showcasing this voice actor’s range and skill.

MultiVersus Daniel Ross Stripe Gizmo voice actor
Image via Player First Games

Stripe releases alongside a massive MultiVersus update slated for the second week of October. Tony Huynh, the lead dev on the MultiVersus team, promised the subsequent two patches would be more significant than average. While we don’t have much information on what to expect besides Stripe, we’ll keep you updated on what’s coming once we know more.

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