‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’ nears $700M worldwide with another powerful weekend

180 million worldwide for week two? Not too shabby.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie‘ continues to dominate the box office domestically and overseas. During its second weekend, the film garnered $87 million in the States, with another $94 million globally. After the recent $146 million haul, the movie sits at an impressive $693 million, becoming the highest-grossing movie of 2023 in just fourteen days.

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The previous holder for the title of biggest movie this year, ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania,’ sits at $474 million worldwide, which positions Mario to double the earnings of Marvel’s first outing in 2023 within the next few weeks.

Mario’s animated film now holds the title for the most profitable video game adaptation of all time, beating out the lifetime earnings for both ‘Detective Pikachu’ ($449.8 million) and ‘Warcraft’ ($439.4 million). With a showing this impressive, it’s unlikely any other adaptation will rival Mario at the box office. That is, until the sequel inevitably releases.

The Super Mario bros movie big weekend
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It’s worth noting that Mario’s film still hasn’t hit Japanese theaters. Though Mario is known worldwide, he’s arguably the most popular in his home country. The numbers so far are sure to jump up for this Superstar after ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ hits Japan’s theaters on April 28, 2023

Though Mario and his friends had a fantastic weekend on the silver screen, this week’s new features didn’t reach the same heights. ‘The Pope’s Exorcist’ excised a modest $9.2 Million globally, but that’s pretty solid on an $18 million budget. The horror flick is posed to break even over its run, hitting the halfway point in just a few days.

‘Renfield,’ the new Nicholas Cage vampire film, bombed, earning $18 million globally on a $65 million budget. The crowd’s disinterest was the stake in this famous actor’s heart.

On the other hand, Suzume, the animated feature from Toho and the last new film from April 14, gained a solid $5 million in its Western debut. With a box office total now sitting at over $256 million, there’s even more proof that animated movies are more popular than ever.

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