The Super Mario Bros. Movie early impressions are exciting

It sounds like The Mario Movie is a fun and faithful adaptation of the world's favorite plumber!

It’s safe to say Mario’s first animated movie is one of the most anticipated movies of 2023. After the atrocity that was 1991’s Super Mario Bros., some fans were sure there’d never be an excellent on-screen version of Mario, Luigi, and the Mushroom Kingdom. That thought is a thing of the past with the launch of The Super Mario Bros. Movie. The plumber duo triumphantly returns to the big screen in 2023 if early impressions are anything to go by.

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Nintendo and Illumination invited a handful of critics to see the latest animated feature from this team of creators behind movies like Minions and Sing. Fans weren’t allowed to talk about much, but they could share thoughts. Thankfully, The Super Mario Bros. Movie is a triumph as a Mario feature and animated movie. The Atom Review calls it one of the best family movies in years that hints at more to come.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is an all-around crowd pleaser, with longtime fans Kit and Krysta, former Nintendo employees, and independent journalists amazed as well, calling it a love letter to Mario’s decades of games and long-standing legacy.

So far, it’s hard to find a negative take from early screenings. Many fans surmise this is the start of a Mario movie enterprise, with rumors of new animated projects in the warp pipes. More info on the movie will be available in the next few days, but you can rest easy. This is a movie that continues the trend of solid video game adaptations.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie hits theaters on April 5, 2023.

To get one last look at Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, and their friends before the movie launch, check out The Super Mario Bros. Movie Final Trailer Below:

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