The Super Mario Bros. Movie now expecting to see a $141M debut

That's a lotta coins!

The Super Mario Bros. Movie saga continues during the opening weekend. Despite mediocre reviews from critics, audiences are coming to theaters in droves to see Mario on the big screen. The substantial numbers from the first few days of its run lead analysts to anticipate a vast haul during the first week.

After earning over $66 million globally on Wednesday, April 5, it’s safe to say Mario and Luigi have plenty of coins coming their way over their five-day debut stretch. The current estimates put The Super Mario Bros. movie at $141m by Sunday, April 9. Considering how much money Illumination’s Mario title made during the middle of the week, it’s not absurd to expect another $75 million lining the plumbers’ pockets this Easter weekend.

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What’s interesting about Mario’s film is the stark contrast between critics and fans. Reviewer scores sit at a 54% on Rotten Tomatoes with a ‘Rotten’ score. The audience score, however, rests at an impressive 96%, with over 2,500 verified users praising the film. These numbers may change after opening weekend, but for now, Mario is winning the hearts and wallets of patrons.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie audience score
Image via Illumination and Nintendo

The divide for the Mario movie is far greater than any other in the last few months. Most of 2023’s big title films thus far, like John Wick: Chapter 4 and Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, see only a slight skew between the two parties.

If you want this writer’s opinion after seeing the film, anyone with even passing knowledge of the Mario Bros. will love their time with this Illumination movie. This is a love letter to fans of the franchise created by those with a passion for the games.

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