Winter Express returns to Apex Legends for the Wintertide Collection Event

Winter is coming.

All aboard the Winter Express! The famed Winter Express control point game mode is back for the holidays again. This time, it’s here for the Wintertide Collection Event. This is the second time that Winter Express has returned for a collection event. This is more similar to the Raiders Collection Event last year, rather than the former four-week Holo-day Bash event that occurred during 2019 and 2020.

Unlike the Raiders Collection Event, which added some patch notes and Custom Reticles, Wintertide unfortunately does not include any game update. The event does, however, include a new event collection, with new skins and a new Mythic evolving Prestige skin, this time for Wraith.

Wintertide Collection Event Pestige Wraith skin Level 2
Image via Respawn

The Winter Express

For those that don’t know, the Winter Express is a Limited-Time 3v3v3 mode with permadeath per round, and respawning between rounds. You choose one of five kits, and fight to either control the train, or to be the last team standing… whichever is first.

The Winter Express
Image via Respawn

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Wintertide Collection Event Dates

One thing that is unique about this collection event is, however, is the timing. It is the first ever three-week collection event with three weekly Prize Trackers. This format had previously been reserved for thematic events, but has been applied to the collection event format for Wintertide.

Each week tied to a Prize Tracker is as follows:

  • First Week: December 6 – December 13
  • Second Week: December 13 – December 20
  • Third Week: December 20 – December 27

Lastly, the Apex Legends Wintertide Collection Event begins on December 6 and ends on December 27.

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