Wanted: Dead is a Love Letter to Action Classics

Ninja Gaiden meets Cyberpunk.

Soleil’s new IP, Wanted: Dead, is now available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Developed by the creators of Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive, this action-packed game blends third-person shooting with hack-and-slash gameplay. The game follows Lt. Hannah Stone, a member of the Zombie Unit, as she uncovers a major corporate conspiracy. The gameplay is challenging, evoking memories of classic PS2-era action games.

Ninja Gaiden meets Cyberpunk

Wanted: Dead's Lt. Hannah Stone performing a finishing attack.
Image via 110 Industries

The action genre is experiencing a resurgence right now, with titles like Hi-Fi Rush and Bayonetta 3 leading the charge. Set in a post-nuclear, dystopian world ruled by corporations with synthetic workers and private militaries, Wanted: Dead is a welcome addition for action genre enthusiasts seeking a thrilling adventure. As you play, you’ll encounter mercenaries, crime families, and even a Spider Tank reminiscent of Ghost in the Shell. The bosses, appearing in various shapes and sizes, provide a range of challenges that will test your skills and endurance.

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Old School Beat Em Up

Wanted: Dead's gunsmith holding a rifle
Image via 110 Industries

Wanted: Dead’s gameplay looks to be both challenging and nostalgic. In close-quarters combat sequences, players need to master run-and-gun mechanics alongside efficient swordplay. The game’s difficulty is deliberately made to be difficult, which may appeal to genre fans, but can be off-putting to those more interested in the story.

Despite this, Soleil definitely knows their niche, as this will likely be a draw for many players, me included. The developers’ passion for the game has shined throughout. Better yet, their marketing efforts have been a rollercoaster. To date, there’s been an anime music video, a free arcade game called Space Runaway, and an entire cooking web series. For its dystopian world, the characters are vibrant and endearingly corny. I’m looking forward to seeing the game solidify itself as an excellent choice for fans of the action genre.

You can learn more about the world of Wanted: Dead here.

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