Fall Guys Free for All Review: Beantastic Battle Royale

These beans are back and better than ever!

In 2020 Fall Guys took the world by storm, released on PlayStation Plus and Steam during a pandemic when gaming saw record numbers. Millions joined this whimsical Battle Royale, but the player base dwindled after a launch with too little content and an absence of features. After two years of improvements, Mediatonic rebranded the title as Fall Guys: Free for All, transitioning to a Free to Play model. Is this new shift enough to bring back the magic to Fall Guys in 2022?

Fall Guys: Free For All reinvigorates the Mediatonic title. New levels, challenges, and regular events will keep things exciting for all players. Free for All is the best Fall Guys has ever been, and it’s well worth your time to return to this title in 2022.

Hello Fall Guys, My Old Friend

When I opened Fall Guys for the first time in almost two years, I was amazed at how much smoother the experience was. Instead of a single Live Show option greeting me in the main menu, there were several options. Solo, Squad, and Duo shows are mainstays, with regular events filling out the last two show slots.

Fall Guys Live Shows list
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

If you’d like to earn some limited-time cosmetics, events like Squad Celebration are an excellent alternative to regular matches. These events focus on specific mini-games or mode types, offering challenges for players to complete in the process. Because many of these modes change multiple times a week, I never felt like I was tired of the same events and maps. If you’re worried about wait times, have no fear, as Fall Guys start games in a minute or less, in my experience. You’ll find those 30-60 users in no time!

Fall Guys Summer Squads Challenges
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

This change also gives players plenty of options when playing with friends. My friends love playing Squad Shows, so we hop in when they feel the Fall Guys itch. Only got one friend to join you? Check out Duos Shows that focus on two-person teams. Of course, if you’re a solo player, there’s plenty to enjoy here with the Solo Show option. I often queue up alone to grab a few extra crowns.

If you’re looking to host Private Games in Fall Guys, you’re likely out of luck. Private Games need at least 30 players to start, ruling out the vast majority of the audience who want to try out a few rounds with friends. It’s an odd oversight in an otherwise sensational matchmaking system.

You Should See These Beans in a Crown

While anyone can pick up and enjoy Fall Guys, the most dedicated players will likely chase those elusive Crowns when playing. Only the top player, duo, or Squad walks away with the prize. With 60 players per show, players have plenty of competition, and you’ll need to learn the ins and outs of over 50 unique levels to beat the opposition. While there are plenty of stages to learn, you can plan your approach via show type.

Fall Guys Squad Celebration
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Team games like Egg Scramble, once the bane of my existence, only appear in Duo or Squad shows now, meaning if you don’t want to rely on teammates, the Solo Shows are your best bet at hunting the Crown. If you’ve got the Dream Team, you’ll make quick work of Squads, which even feature their own final rounds in 2022. Choosing when to play these rounds made me realize how fun they can be with a coordinated team.

Fall Guys Egg Scramble
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Whether hopping it out in Hex-A-Gone or racing up Fall Mountain, every final is tense. Once you make it here regularly, you’ll battle other skilled players for victory. It may take some practice, but Fall Guys makes everyone feel like winning is possible. When you finally get that golden Crown and become the champion of a show, you’ll no doubt feel amazing. There are few sensations as euphoric as coming out on top in a Fall Guys show. Even after over 150 crowns across PS5 and PC, I’m still chasing that rush.

Fall Guys Winner screen
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

With Cross-Play and Cross-Progression, chasing that rush is even easier. All my cosmetics, Crowns, and Kudos travel with me from any platform. Once you link your Epic Games account to Fall Guys, you can easily play on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and Nintendo Switch. We recommend avoiding the Switch port of this game, however, as it struggles to perform consistently.

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A Falltastic Battle Pass

Like other free-to-play titles in the genre, Fall Guys: Free for All offers a Battle Pass to keep players invested. If you bought the base game before Free for All, the first one is free. With 100 tiers and rare rewards to unlock, like my favorite, the Mechagodzilla skin, you’re sure to find something you love here.

Fall Guys Mechagodzilla skin battle pass
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

One of the best parts of the Battle Pass in Fall Guys is how easy it is to progress. Free for All offers Daily and Weekly Challenges that expedite the level-up process. These are often simple tasks that ask players to compete in any show, survive several rounds, or run a certain number of steps.

Fall Guys Battle Pass Tier 100
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Nothing here asks too much of the player. Playing a little bit every day, I’ve finished the pass. Once you complete the pass, challenges give you Crown Shards. Collect enough, and you can get a Crown to add to your collection.

Fall Guys Challenges Tab and Rewards
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Crowns also have a separate pass, granting users who regularly win amazing rewards. The more crowns you earn, the higher your Crown Level rises, and each Crown Level unlocks exclusive bonuses unobtainable otherwise. It’s a great way to incentivize returning for repeat play sessions, even after the Battle Pass ends.

With the last reward in this pass costing 4,500 crowns, you’re in for the long haul. It may take some time to earn your favorite item, but you’ll be the envy of every bean you meet.

Fall Guys max Crown Rank 54
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

This Shop Was Made for Spending

Though there are plenty of positive changes for Fall Guys, not everything sees an improvement. The game area hit hardest by the new free-to-play model is, of course, the shop. Where players were once able to purchase items with Crowns and Kudos, Show Bucks are on full display. Though I know Mediatonic needs to make money, many of the prices in this shop are exorbitant.

Outfits that players could once purchase with Crowns now cost hundreds of Show Bucks, with the average featured sets starting at 800 of the premium currency. Not only this, but players can no longer spend their Crowns to acquire these items. Instead, Mediatonic converts all Crowns into Kudos, which only one small section of the shop uses for standard items. These offerings are rarely enticing and feel like a punishment to established players.

Fall Guys Show Bucks Price Range
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

Because players can only buy currency in specific bundles, the least amount of money one could spend on Show Bucks is $7.99. Even if the outfit they want is only 800 Show Bucks, you’ll need to shell out for 1000, with 200 left over to tempt you to buy more.

Eivor's Big Bundle Fall Guys
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

If you thought those prices were bad, wait until you see the event skins, which cost, on average, 1200 Show Bucks, or 12 dollars. It’s an outrageous ask that feels predatory and insulting. The store bogs down a stellar experience, leaving a sour taste in my mouth each time I stroll by it. It’s a business model the community is none too happy about and for a good reason. Most players are willing to spend a few dollars, but 20 bucks for a set of two-piece Assassin’s Creed skins is laughable.


Despite an aggressive storefront and limited private game options, Fall Guys: Free for All is Mediatonic’s best model. You’ll have plenty to enjoy, with many levels to play and unique ways to approach the content. Whether you want solo play or partnering with friends, chasing the Crown is addictive as the first time I played. Fall Guys is a staple in my gaming catalog and a great time.

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Plenty of Content (50+ levels)Crown currency removed
Great Season Pass and progression systemOverpriced cosmetics
Consistent in-game eventsPrivate Lobbies require 30+ players
Seasonal themes

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