Let’s! Revolution! Review: Mine-swept off my feet

More than a rebellious phase.

My yellow-and-white clad hunter perched on the edge of a sandy tile, awaiting instructions. “I think the next tile over is blank,” my partner insisted.

“No, it could be a fork in the road,” I retorted. “See the square patch below us? There could be a turn going into it.” I glowered at the 2 by 2 block of unrevealed tiles below my character.

We both paused to think. “Yeah, I don’t know,” I sighed. “It could be either.”

“Then just try and see what happens,” my partner said. “Even if you waste a bit of energy, you should stay cautious.”

I nodded, directing the hunter to leap one tile down and attack anyone who was on it. The attack fizzled as the tile revealed… a dead end and a shop. I snorted. We were both wrong.

Like all puzzle greats, Let’s! Revolution! worms its way into your head. Initial stages ease you into simple deductions. But later levels are a potentially lethal tangle of paths and enemies. Like an actual revolution, no amount of logic can get you through unscathed. You have to make your choice and live with the consequences.

Step By Step

Let's! Revolution! review; the King says "That oaf just killed him! How RUDE. Stop them at ONCE!" The player's Trooper has just hit an enemy on the desert themed grid.
Screenshot via BUCK and Antfood.

There are six character classes in Let’s! Revolution! and each use number-based information to flip over grid tiles in search of the corrupt King. After you land on your starting tile, you and any visible enemies take turns moving and attacking. Chase the King down, and he flees to the next level, daring you to follow. Pursue the King through three biomes, and you’ll face him in a nail-biting final confrontation at the heart of Beebom City.

Each board is procedurally generated, meaning you never know what will appear on a board. On top of that, the game your player character will only move one tile per turn, revealing whatever title they step on instead of revealing large swaths of the grid. Managing their health, energy, and abilities is just as important as flipping tiles. Much like one of the game’s influences, Minesweeper, you must be mindful and cautious if you want to put an end to the evil King’s reign.

Although the deliberate slow pacing initially feels like a constraint, consistent unlocks through collectible gems and an ever-shifting roster of powers keep things interesting. You’re free to replay a certain class or dabble in all of them; the gems remain the same. There are over 100 items and abilities for you to try out, making each run feel unique by allowing you to try out different strategies and combinations.

Cardinal Rule

Let's! Revolution! review; the player's Shadow character prepares to use a ranged ability on a marsh-themed level.
Screenshot via BUCK and Antfood.

Although each level may be different, they all follow strict set of rules, regardless of layout or size:

  • Tiles contain either roads or scenery. Each tile you reveal displays the number of adjacent or diagonal road tiles around it. A zero tile’s perimeter is entirely safe. A tile with an eight means you should tread very carefully.
  • Tiles contain only one character at a time, including you. Defeating an enemy is usually the only way to occupy their tile.
  • Enemies only spawn on paths, not on dead ends or scenery. (Some enemies can move to non-path tiles after becoming visible.) A visible enemy can attack you from any distance.
  • Dead ends contain shops, chests, upgrade gyms, or the King’s hiding place. Find the King to force him to flee the map. Finding the King grants you safe passage to the next level.

Faces of Rebellion

Let's! Revolution! review; the player's Oracle prepares to use an area ability on the sky-themed level, signified by a red dotted line circling the grid.
Screenshot via BUCK and Antfood.

Your starting class, the Warrior, earns extra gold to spend on shops and upgrades by defeating every enemy on the board. Further down the upgrade tree, Shadow and Oracle play evasively by avoiding enemies and minimizing uncovered tiles. Recharging energy to use their abilities becomes crucial. Accumulate enough gems, and you’ll get alternate abilities to purchase or upgrade, upending your tried and true strategies.

Charger, Hunter, and Oracle’s class complications turn base skills into brain-snapping dilemmas. How do I clear this level in the least amount of tiles? How do I chain attacks together without knowing where every enemy is?

Puzzle sickos need not fret about challenge. Let’s! Revolution! leaves enough wiggle room between your brain and the board to tie (or untie, if you’re smart) yourself in knots. Win on any base difficulty, and you’re rewarded with a harder New Game Plus.

Character-Building Exercises

Let's! Revolution review; the Charger preps an attack on a cluttered city level. The King leers from a distant tile.
Screenshot via BUCK and Antfood.

Let’s! Revolution! is more than just a brain tickler. A striking 2D style and quirky sound design make it a treat to play. Characters bob and dip while idling. Smart color schemes ensure that paths always pop. Both players and enemies have distinctive grunts, squeaks, and other nonsense noises that I could individually pick out. While the soundtrack is limited, no single track wore out its welcome across my play time.

Let’s! Revolution! makes cohesive stylistic choices that keep you off-kilter. The villainous King has what I can only describe as Venus flytrap eyelashes and bulbous eyes. Enemies range from bulging beefcakes to squat, sentient plants. Even so, the abstract proportions and crisp linework pull just enough details to avoid the dreaded subway startup ad look.

The Verdict: Let’s! Revolution! is Primo Puzzling

Let's! Revolution! review; a pop-up says that the player has found a Bubbleship Ticket in an item chest.
Screenshot via BUCK and Antfood.

Let’s! Revolution! is a satisfying fusion of systematic deduction and no-holds-barred risk. Player abilities give you enough power to take powerful swings or lethal risks. If you’re looking for a puzzle game that’s all logic, you won’t find it here. But those willing to play inside the game’s initial constraints will find that with great risk comes great reward. Let’s! Revolution!‘s commitment to character and choice are what make it a rare treat. You can’t have a revolution without getting a little messy.

Press SPACE to Jump Review score 9


Varied character classes.Procedural levels can lead to devastating chain reactions.
Smart rules that lead to tough choices.Logical thinkers might be put off by the element of risk.
Procedural levels shake up each run.
Sound design is distinctive, but not intrusive.
Character and stage art really pops.
One of the clearest in-game fonts to read!

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