Set A Watch: Swords of the Coin Review

Tick tock. Tick tock. The Horde approaches quickly!

Set A Watch: Swords of the Coin by Todd Walsh and Mike Gnade of Rock Manor Games has all the trappings of a traditional dungeon-crawling RPG neatly trapped within this compact treasure trove of a box. I recently got my hands on the game at PAX Unplugged 2022 and couldn’t wait to share more!

Notice: The specifics of Unhallowed and Creature cards will not be discussed in this review to avoid spoiling them for first-time players. This review will be spoiler free!

Swords of the Coin Review

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Set A Watch: Swords of the Coin is an exciting cooperative puzzle adventure that combines the elements of a dungeon crawler with the collaborative excitement of an escape room. Specifically designed for 1-4 players aged ten or older, this stand-alone expansion offers new twists on the gameplay of its predecessor. During various game phases, players will work together as adventurers to collect coin, buy items, and defeat the Unhallowed threat.

Furthermore, this expansion enhances the original Set A Watch by focusing on collecting coins and purchasing items from a merchant. Additionally, all the expansion elements are fully compatible with the original Set A Watch.

Unhallowed Fun

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Swords of the Coin arrives in a compact box that is easy to store and serves as your “camp” throughout the game. The game’s unique abilities for each adventurer stand out as one of the most remarkable aspects. The game includes six adventurer boards, each with its own dice and powers. I played “The Witch,” and my character proved crucial to the party’s survival on several occasions. During the game, we strategized about which creatures we would face next, not knowing what the next night’s lineup would bring. This element of surprise added an exciting mix of fear and excitement to every draw.

Set Your Watch

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Though I found the game straightforward and easy to understand, it can be time-consuming. My playthrough took just over an hour on the normal difficulty, though a significant portion of the time was bolstered through group strategizing. Although the game is forgiving to poor dice rolls, the player is still subject to randomness. An inherent volatility in difficulty can make some encounters stressful and others cakewalks. However, the rulebook does offer helpful instruction to adjust the game’s difficulty.


Swords of the Coin gets my sword and my coin. The game is easy to learn and offers an enormous amount of replayability. Each adventurer feels distinct and allows players to approach the game as they see fit. I strongly recommend this game for players looking for a team-based puzzle driven by the player’s agency.

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Choices feel consequentialDifficulty spikes can feel random
Supports up to 4 playersTime-consuming
High replayability
Easy cleanup 

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