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Find out what each number on our 1-10 scale means here on Press SPACE to Jump.

Reviews are an excellent way to grade games for those looking to see if the title is worth their money. While almost all review sites use scores, those score numbers are arbitrary unless explained. Each site handles reviews differently; get to know what each score means at Press SPACE to Jump.

Readers can find our ratings here on Press SPACE to Jump below, along with a brief description of each score on our site. Press SPACE to Jump uses a 1-10 scale when rating games, and remember that price plays a part when reviewing titles on Press SPACE to Jump.

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Review Scores on Press SPACE to Jump

Press SPACE To jump Review score 10
A near flawless product with incredible execution in each aspect. A Game of the Year contender and an unforgettable experience. This is a must-buy game, regardless of the cost.
Press SPACE to Jump Review score 9
An excellent game that’s impressive in almost every regard. What few flaws these games have do not detract from the overall experience. We strongly recommend this title, even at its launch price.
Press SPACE to jump review 8
A compelling title significantly above the average release may not revolutionize the genre, but it does leave a lasting impression. Often worth the buy at full price.
Press SPACE to Jump Review score 7
A solid release with above-average offerings; Plenty of the ideas or mechanics work well in this game. However, several things in the game don’t work well and leave a negative impression—worth a buy at a sale price.
Press SPACE to jump reviews 6
A decent game slightly above average experiences; Several ideas or mechanics are impressive, but the experience has significant issues that reviewers cannot overlook. If you’re interested, wait for a sizable sale.
Press SPACE to Jump Review Score 5
An average experience. Nothing this game does is exceptional or memorable, but it isn’t unbearable to play. Games with this score are unremarkable in almost every facet. If you buy, wait until there’s a deep sale to grab it.
Press SPACE to Jump Review Score 4
A below-average title that falls short of mediocrity; We don’t recommend buying this game, especially at full price, and only viable to those looking for a joke at intense sale prices.
Press SPACE to Jump Review Score 3
This game is a bottom-of-the-barrel experience far beneath expectations in the gaming industry. Each aspect of the game fails at its intended goal, often standing out as the worst in its field. No sale is worth this headache.
Press SPACE to Jump Review Score 2
While the game functions, it does little else for players. Almost everything this title fails compared to industry standards by a wide margin. This game is an agonizing experience that we recommend staying far away from.
Press SPACE to Jump Review Score 1
The game is functionally inept and does not work. Reserved for titles that are technical nightmares, and we implore players to avoid these titles at all costs.

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Tai Hofmann

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