All Elder Scrolls Online Classes and Skill Lines

Pick a class and make it your own!

MMOs are built around the different character classes, as players will likely spend hundreds of hours learning and mastering them throughout the game. That is why Elder Scrolls Online gives players six unique Classes to choose from, each with three Skill Lines to introduce variation in gameplay. Here are all of the Elder Scrolls Online Classes and Skill Lines.

All Elder Scrolls Online Classes and Skill Lines

In total, there are six playable classes in Elder Scrolls Online. Furthermore, each of those Classes has three distinct Skill Lines that you can choose to build into. Below you can find each Class and its different Skill Lines.


Elder Scrolls Online Classes - Dragonknight
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The Dragonknight looks to take the fight to their foes while utilizing fire spells and unrelenting force. They are masters-at-arms who are trained in the ancient Akaviri martial arts. The uncompromising tour de force that is the Dragonknight can rain down fire, call upon the ancient dragons, or even draw power from the earth.

Dragonknight Skill Lines

Ardent FlameDraconic PowerEarthen Heart
Unleash your fury with relentless Fire and Poison abilities that deal devastating damage over time and intensify your attacks.Harness the power of the ancient Dragons to strengthen your defenses, surround yourself with protective scales, and leap into battle with unstoppable ferocity. Draw from the power of the earth to empower yourself and your allies, stun your foes, and encase yourself in damaging molten lava. 
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Sorcerer Class ESO
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These conjurers of the arcane can wield magical spells and harness the horrors of Oblivion. Sorcerers can suppress and overwhelm foes while supporting allies, all with the unlimited power they possess at their fingertips. They can summon Daedric monsters to fight for them, wield dark magic, and hurl lightning bolts to strike down any enemies in their path. THis is one of the strongest ELder Scrolls Online Classes

Sorcerer Skill Lines

Daedric SummoningDark MagicStorm calling
Daedric Summoning Skill Line ESODark Magic Skill Line ESOStorm Calling Skill Line ESO
Summon terrors from the realm of Oblivion to assault your enemies, and conjure potent armor and shields to keep yourself and your minions in the fight.Support your allies and suppress your enemies with insidious-but-powerful abilities that can immobilize, silence, and even dispel your foes’ own magical effects.Hurl lightning strikes to deal massive shock damage, thunder across the battlefield, and wreak havoc upon your foes from afar. 
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Nightblade Class ESO

A fan favorite of all Elder Scroll Online Classes, Nightblades rely on stealth, daggers, and speed to survive. These cunning rogues attack from the shadows to drain health before returning to the darkness again. You can assassinate and suck the life force from your enemies, and embody darkness to sneak in close or get away unscathed.

Nightblade Skill Lines

Assassination Skill Line ESOShadow Skill Line ESOSiphoning Skill Line ESO
Strike with terrible lethality and leave your foes debilitated or worse with abilities that deal massive damage and weaken them for the final blow.Embrace the shadows to find the perfect moment to strike or slip away without notice. Terrify your enemies with fearsome spirits and relentless shades.Weaken your foes and grant them a slow death with lethal abilities that drain the enemy of their life while also healing you and your allies. 
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Templar Class ESO
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As Warriors of Light, the Templars call upon the power of the burning sun to deal massive damage. With this cleansing light of the sun, they can snuff out all of the Darkness across Tamriel. They can wield weapons made from hard light and then engulf them in flame. They can also use the light from the sun to restore the Health, Magicka, and Stamina of their allies.

Templar Skill Lines

Aedric SpearDawn’s WrathRestoring Light
Aedric Spear Skill Line ESODawn's Wrath Skill Line ESORestoring Light Skill Line ESO
Bring holy vengeance with relentless, powerful weapons formed of hard light that can deal magic damage, stun your enemies, and support your allies. Unleash the unyielding power of the sun to bathe your enemies in flame and deal massive damage. Empower your attacks as well as weaken your foes in radiant heat. Restore and protect your allies with the power of the Aedra’s sacred light. Consecrate the ground and turn the tide of battle with spells that cleanse and protect your team from attack.
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Warden Class ESO
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The Warden is a guardian of the wilderness. They draw power from nature itself and then unleash their fury on unsuspecting foes. Wardens summon beasts from the wild, command frost, and surround themselves in the impenetrable shield that is nature. This is one of the Elder Scrolls Online Classes that was added with the Morrowind update.

Warden Skill Lines

Animal CompanionsGreen BalanceWinter’s Embrace
Animal Companions Skill Line ESOGreen Balance Skill Line ESOWinters Embrace Skill Line ESO
Call forth beasts to strike your enemies and empower your attacks, including shrieking cliff racers, monstrous bears, and swarms of stinging fetcherflies. Maintain balance on the battlefield by drawing from nature to shroud your allies in soothing vines, sprout healing flowers from the earth, and even summon an enchanted forest.Wield powerful frost magic spells to bolster your defenses and enfeeble your enemies, hindering them in withering, unrelenting cold. 
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Necromancer Class ESO
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Necromancers possess and then command the dead to do their bidding. Masters of the dark arts, these Necromancers can call upon the dead to overwhelm their foes while empowering themselves. They can imbue their thralls with various elemental powers as well as use the dead for a shield. Their power to raise the dead also extends to allies, being able to revive downed companions. Being one of the newest Elder Scroll Online Classes, the Necromancer is only available as part of the Elsweyr Chapter or Necromancer Class upgrade in the Crown Store. 

Necromancer Skill Line

Grave LordBone TyrantLiving Death
Grave Lord Skill Line ESOBone Tyrant Skill Line ESOLiving Death Skill Line ESO
Imbue the dead with frost, fire, and lightning to bring ruin upon your enemies. Raise the relentless undead and allow your fallen enemies to intensify your unyielding assault.Bend and break the dead to your will, while using their remains to create impenetrable barriers that extend your own life. Control the battlefield with the bones of the departed.Draw from the power of life and death to replenish and restore your allies. Resurrect your defeated comrades and keep them in the fight.
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What role does each ESO Class fill?

Elder Scrolls Online, being an MMO, still uses the typical role system that you would see in other popular MMOs. The main difference is that any class is able to play any role they so choose. The devs strive to reach flexibility in play that no other game in the genre can offer. All Elder Scrolls Online Classes are able to build as a Tank, Healer, or DPS. Furthermore, you can easily switch between roles on the fly just by switching up your gear and skills.

There you have it, those are all of the Elder Scrolls Online Classes and Skill Lines. With the flexibility that each class has, you can feel comfortable choosing whichever class piques your interest the most, as all classes can complete all content.

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