All Reward Shop Rewards in the Shadow Society Event – Apex Legends

New rewards each week.

Filled with stylish and underground crime-themed attire, the Shadow Society Event brings new skins and additional cosmetics to Apex Legends. The Shadow Society Reward Shop is a mix of cosmetic and non-cosmetic items in Apex Legends, all worth grabbing during this limited-time event. Let’s take a look at what the shop has to offer this time around.

All Shadow Society Reward Shop Rewards

Shadow Society Reward Shop
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In order to purchase items from the Shadow Society Reward Shop, you’ll need to earn Reputation. These points can easily be earned by completing your daily event challenges. In additional to the usual Apex Packs, limited-time cosmetics will roll out weekly over the course of the three-week long event.

The price for each reward will vary, some costing as low as 100 reward points all the way up to 1,200 points. With only three weeks to gain points, it’s recommend that you prioritize skins of Legends you play as before buying anything else.

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Pinstriped Professional Epic Horizon Skin (1,200 Reputation) – Week 1

Pinstriped Professional
Screenshot by Radiant G

Oc-Train Conductor Epic Octane skin (1,200 Reputation) – Week 3

Oc-train Conductor
Screenshot by Radiant G

Terminal Velocity Epic Spitfire Skin (800 Reputation) – Week 2

Terminal Velocity
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Tailored Triggerman Epic Flatline Skin (800 Reputation) – Week 3

Tailored Triggerman
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Octane Heights Epic Banner Frame (600 Reputation) – Week 1

Octane Heights
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Horizon Lights Epic Banner Frame (600 Reputation) – Week 2

Horizon Lights
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Team Horizon Epic Holospray (300 Reputation) – Week 1

Team Horizon
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Team Oc-Train Epic Holospray (300 Reputation) – Week 2

Team Oc-Train
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Gravitational Array Epic Weapon Charm (200 Reputation) – Week 2

Gravitational Array
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Butterfly Effect Epic Weapon Charm (200 Reputation) – Week 3

Butterfly Effect
Screenshot by Radiant G

Soldier Badge (100 Reputation) – Week 1

Soldier Badge
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Shadow Society Event Pack (800 Reputation) – Week 1

Shadow Society Event Pack
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Epic Apex Pack (800 Reputation) – Week 2 & Week 3

Epic Apex Pack in Reward Shop
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Apex Pack (600 Reputation) – 2 Available per week

Apex Pack in Reward Shop
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25 Rare Crafting Metals (300 Reputation) per week

25 Rare Crafting Metals
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1 Battle Pass Star (250 Reputation) – 10 Available per week

1 Battle Pass Star
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This article has now been updated with all of the weekly rewards in the event.

The Shadow Society Event is live in Apex Legends from March 26 until April 16.

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