All queens and seasons in RuPaul’s Drag Race Superstar

Raja Gemini, Kim Chi, Crystal Methyd, and more.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Superstar is a mobile game, based on the RuPaul’s Drag Race television show, where players get to create their own drag personas. The game is a live service game. Each full month since the game came out on October 25, 2021. There has been an in-game season and featured queen. Let’s take a look at all of them.

All RuPaul’s Drag Race Superstar Queens/Seasons

RuPaul's Drag Race Superstar Queens and Seasons
Images via Night Garden Studio

So far, there have been 30 seasons in the RuPaul’s Drag Race Superstar mobile game. Each season brings one real-life drag queen into the game. Each also adds a new fashion tag into the game, alongside a bunch of new drag pieces with that tag.

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Finally, it can be expected that the next queen will join the roster in May. The RuPaul’s Drag Race Superstar mobile game development team is Night Garden Studio. The publisher is East Side Games. They work in collaboration with World of Wonder to bring officially partnered queens to the game. No queen’s likenesses appear without their permission. Stay tuned to this page for more seasons, and more queens.

Season NumberQueen ImageQueen NameFeatured TagTag ImageRelease Date
Season 1Vanessa Vanjie MateoVanessa Vanjie MateoStreetStreet TagNovember 2021
Season 2Evie OddlyYvie OddlyOddOdd TagDecember 2021
Season 3RavenRavenChicChic TagJanuary 2022
Season 4Latrice RoyaleLatrice RoyaleFunkyFunky TagFebruary 2022
Season 5Lawrence ChaneyLawrence ChaneyCampCamp TagMarch 2022
Season 6Kylie Sonique LoveKylie Sonique LoveWesternWestern TagApril 2022
Season 7Mo HeartMo HeartStunningStunning TagMay 2022
Season 8Kim ChiKim ChiCuteCute TagJune 2022
Season 9The VivienneThe VivienneRegalRegal TagJuly 2022
Season 10Raja GeminiRaja GeminiGrungeGrunge TagAugust 2022
Season 11Crystal MethydCrystal MethydKookyKooky TagSeptember 2022
Season 12Jimbo the Drag ClownJimbo the Drag ClownCircusCircus TagOctober 2022
Season 13Cheryl HoleCheryl HoleDivaDiva TagNovember 2022
Season 14Scarlet EnvyScarlet EnvyDramaDrama TagDecember 2022
Season 15Morgan McMichaelsMorgan McMichaelsScandalousScandalous TagJanuary 2023
Season 16Jaida Essence HallJaida Essence HallEssenceEssence TagFebruary 2023
Season 17Kandy MuseKandy MuseMuseMuse TagMarch 2023
Season 18Baga ChipzBaga ChipzPlayfulPlayful TagApril 2023
Season 19Nicky DollNicky DollCoutureCouture TagMay 2023
Season 20Envy PeruEnvy PeruSci-FiSci-Fi TagJune 2023
Season 21Trinity the TuckTrinity the TuckBody-odyBody-ody TagJuly 2023
Season 22JujubeeJujubeeKitschyKitschy TagAugust 2023
Season 23Brooke Lynn HytesBrooke Lynn HytesEn PointeOn Pointe TagSeptember 2023
Season 24Jinkx MonsoonJinkx MonsoonEnchantingEnchanting TagOctober 2023
Season 25Blu HydrangeaBlu HydrangeaCosmicCosmic TagNovember 2024
Season 26Michelle VisageMichelle VisageJerseyJersey TagDecember 2024
Season 27Jessica WildJessica WildWildWild TagJanuary 2024
Season 28Silky Nutmeg GanacheSilky Nutmeg GanacheAttitudeAttitude TagFebruary 2024
Season 29Pangina HealsPangina HealsSpicySpicy TagMarch 2024
Season 30Sasha ColbySasha ColbyGoddessGoddess TagApril 2024
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