All Apex Legends Ranked changes

Making matches more competitive.

Earlier this year, developer Respawn updated Apex Legends’ matchmaking, so it would make sense for some changes to be coming to Ranked. If you want to know what the changes are to Apex Legends Ranked, we have all the details for you here.

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Apex Legends Ranked Changes

New Matchmaking System (MMR)

Instead of relying on Ranked Points (RP) to determine a player’s skill level, the game will now rely on Matchmaking Rating (MMR). People who have played other competitive games such as League of Legends and Valorant will be familiar with this system.

Essentially, MMR is a hidden score that will place you in matches with other players who are of your skill level. If you win matches, your MMR will increase. However, if you lose matches, it will decrease. MMR could introduce longer queue times, so just be aware of that.

New Scoring System and Bonuses

Replacing RP will be Ladder Points (LP). LP will revolve more around Bonuses that will amplify your LP gains and mitigate your losses. There are three major types of Bonuses you can get during a match:

  • Elimination Bonuses: Given when you or your team eliminate other players. These bonuses will count your personal kills, assists, and participations.
  • Rating Bonuses: Given out to players whose MMR greatly outperforms their LP. This will help players get to where they should be, which in turn will improve low-level matches.
  • Skill Bonuses: You and your team defeat a stronger player or do well in an unfavorable match.

Provisional Matches

Apex Legends Ranked Provisional Matches, 1 out of 10 matched reached
Image via Respawn

You’ll need to play 10 Provisional Matches before being assigned your rank. You’ll initially start out at Rookie 4, and you’ll quickly see your rank fluctuate over the next 10 matches. All your losses are mitigated, while your wins are greatly boosted. So, winning these Provisional Matches will not only get you in the correct rank, but it’ll also make your rank climb a lot easier.

Ranked Structure

There are many changes coming to Ranked’s structure. Here’s everything you need to know:

  • Ranked Split Reset Removed: Ranked Split, where your rank was reset in the middle of a season, is being removed in favor of Ranked Reset.
  • Ranked Reset: Your rank will fully reset at the start of a season.
  • Division Width: 1000 LP per division.
  • Promotion Bonus and Demotion: Promotion Bonus is being decreased from 300 to 250, and Demotion Penalty is being changed from half a of division to 150 with the possibility of being demoted into Rookie.
  • Ranked Level Requirement: Increased from level 20 to 50.
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