Fire Emblem Engage: Best Advanced Class for Alfred

Make this prince your army's powerhouse.

Fire Emblem Engage brings a new world, hero, and army for players to command. You’re the Divine Dragon this time, and only you can stop the Fell Dragon from tearing the world to bits. To make it through the slew of boss battles and enemy encounters in the game, you’ll need an army with skills that rival your own. See how to outfit the Prince of Firene, Alfred, and get your squad fighting fit.

Alfred’s Unique Advanced Class: Avenir

Fire Emblem Engage Alfred Avenir best advanced class
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Info via Fire Emblem Engage

Alfred, like many other units, has a unique Advanced Class. Special Advanced Classes focus on that unit’s strengths, making a fighter unlike any other. Alfred’s Avenir class makes him a well-rounded fighter with Swords and Lances. Swords have a B Rank, while Lances boast an A-Rank in the Avenir class, making Alfred an excellent close-range fighter with incredible mobility.

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Recommended Emblem: Sigurd

Fire Emblem Engage Sigurd Emblem
Screenshot by Tai Hofmann

To further improve Alfred’s effectiveness in battle, you’ll need to outfit him with an Emblem ring. Emblems house the spirits of famous Fire Emblem characters from past entries. The Sigurd Emblem focuses on boosting Lance and Sword capabilities, making it an excellent fit for a young Avenir.

The more you level your bond with an Emblem ring, the more skills you’ll unlock. Below are the rewards for levels one to ten for the Sigurd ring. Once a unit hits level five, units can inherit these skills permanently and have them effective even when the ring isn’t equipped.

LevelBond EffectsDescription
1CanterThe unit can move 2 spaces after acting.
1Hit +10Grants Hit +10.
1GallopGrants Mov +5.
1OverrideUse to attack and move through a line of adjacent foes. Sword/Lance only.
1RidersbaneLance weilded by Emblem Sigurd.
Effective: Cavalry.
2Lance Power 1Grants Atk +2 at the cost of Avo -10 when using a lance.
3MomentumGrants Atk +1 to the first attack during combat for each space unit moved before attacking (Max +10)
4Hit +15Grants Hit +15
5Skill InheritanceUnits can inherit this Emblem’s skills.
6Lance Power 2Grants Atk +4 at the cost of Avo -10 when using a lance.
6Lance Prof.Proficiency with lances. Required for promotion to specific classes.
7Headlong RushGrants immunity to freeze.
8Lance Power 3Grants Atk +6 at the cost of Avo -10 when using a lance.
9Sword Prof. Proficiency with swords. Required for promotion to specific classes.
10Brave LanceLance wielded by Emblem Sigurd. If the user initiates combat, they attack twice.
Info via Fire Emblem Engage

Despite Alfred and Sigurd working best for us during our playthrough, we encourage you to experiment with the Emblem rings to see what effects unique combinations can yield. There are 30 units and 12 Emblems, so shake things up once you inherit some skills.

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