How to get all four Inner Beast Collection Event challenge badges in Apex Legends

Something is a little weird with these beastly badges.

It’s time to join the hunt. If you want all of the challenge badges for the Inner Beast Collection Event, you’re going to have to play the new game mode, The Hunt. You can play The Hunt Trios or The Hunt Duos, but there is no way around it. Unlock these four beast-themed badges, which are all purple to match the collection event recolor skins. Here is how to unlock every Inner Beast Collection Event challenge badge in Apex Legends.

Inner Beast Collection Event Challenge Badges

Earn all four of these via set challenges during the Inner Beast Collection Event. These badges are not split up by week and do not require Event Points like in some of the other events. Instead, you unlock them by completing three specific challenges over the whole two weeks. All event badges are usable with any Legend.

Inner Beast Mangler Badge

Deal 50000 during the Inner Beast Event

Inner Beast Expert Badge

Complete 10 Hunts during the Inner Beast Event*

Edit: This was lowered from the original 25 Hunts listed. The value was mistakenly swapped with the Predator Badge’s on initial event release. If you had not yet earned the badge before the change, but already completed over 10 hunts total, you will unlock the badge on login.

Inner Beast Predator Badge

Collect 25 Hunts during the Inner Beast Event

Edit: This was raised from the original 10 Hunts listed. The value was mistakenly swapped with the Expert Badge’s on initial event release. However if you already earned the badge at the lower value, even if you collected under 25 total, you get to keep it.

Inner Beast Master Badge

Collect all other Inner Beast Badges

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Other Event Challenge Details

Due to a glitch, you may already have the Inner Beast Mangler Badge unlocked for you when you load up the game. If this is the case, you only need to play one match in order to equip and use it. Otherwise, you must deal 50,000 damage in any mode. The other two badges are only unlockable via The Hunt Trios and Duos, so focus on those game modes for this event.

Edit: The issue described below was fixed. The Master and Expert badges have been switched in game. The images, titles, and alt text above in the list have been corrected accordingly, but the file names of said images are still flipped, so act knowingly if you save them to your device.

The other weird thing about these badges, however, is that the fancy border is on the Expert badge instead of the Master badge. If this is a border UI mistake or a badge placement mistake, then the images above may change structure or place. However, if this oversight is not caught or not seen as an issue, there is a good chance that the badges will remain as shown regardless. It also may not be a mistake, but it would be a weird coincidence that Master and Expert are such similar terms, and this is the first time this has happened.

Edit: Every in-game Badge in this event had an glitch or error associated with it on event launch, but all of them should be corrected now (3/8/2024)

The Inner Beast Collection Event is live in Apex Legends from March 5 until March 19.

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