How to summon Minions in Final Fantasy XIV

Summon anything from a Wolf Pup to a Demon Brick!

The world of Eorzea is a vast and diverse one and journeying across the land alone can be quite lonely. Luckily, Final Fantasy XIV gives players the option to take a traveling partner along with them on their quests. Here is how you can summon Minions in Final Fantasy XIV.

How to use Minions in Final Fantasy XIV

The first step to summoning a Minion is to unlock it’s whistle. Each Minion can be earned in a different way, with some being rewards for completing quests and others being a random drop in dungeons. You can even purchase some with real world money at the Final Fantasy XIV online store. Once you obtain a Minion Whistle, you can use the item by selecting it in your inventory and choosing the Use option.

FFXIV Summoning Minions - Use Menu
Screenshot by Mason Moses

Once you have selected the Use option, your character will perform a little animation. Then a message will appear letting you know that your Minion can now be summoned. In order to summon your minion, you need to open up the Minion Guide under the Character Menu. This will open up a seperate window that displays all of your unlocked Minions. From this window you can summon a minion or add a minion to your hotbar.

FFXIV Summoning Minions - Minion Menu
Screenshot by Mason Moses

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After you summon Minions, they will appear right next to you. Minions will follow closely behind you when you are running, and while you are standing still, your Minion will find something to occupy themselves with. Some may play idly, while others, such as flying Minions, will find a resting spot on your shoulder. Minions are not a fighting companion, so you dont have to worry about them dying off during battle.

To dismiss your minion, you just simply reselct the summoning icon and it will dissappear. Minions can be summoned and dismassed as often as you like as there is no cooldown timer.

Even though Minions will not assist you in battle, they still provide some good company on your travels throughout the lands of Eorzea.

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