7 games I want to see at the 2023 PlayStation Showcase

There's over an hour of announcements coming during the PlayStation Showcase. Fingers crossed I guess right!

With the PlayStation Showcase 2023 only a few days away, I’m honestly on the edge of my seat. There’s nothing I love more than a good gaming showcase. That special moment when everyone can get excited about surprises featuring some of their favorite franchises. The hype and anticipation are just as good for me as the show.

It’s time for some predictions! All my predictions may not come true, but it’s fun to imagine. Here are seven games I hope to see during the PlayStation Showcase.

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7. Spider-Man 2

PlayStation Showcase spider man 2
Image via PlayStation Blog

The follow-up to the 2018 title from Insomniac is almost guaranteed for the PlayStation Showcase. With just a few months left until launch, we only have the reveal trailer from September 2021. It’s time to see some gameplay, learn about what Miles and Peter are up to, and get our first full look at Venom! Will we get to see that gorgeous black Spider-Man suit? God, I hope so. No matter what gets shown, I’m hyped to hear from Insomniac and get an official release date that isn’t accidentally leaked by one of the game’s voice actors.

6. The Last of Us Factions

The Last of Us Factions
Image via Naughty Dog

It’s been almost a year since Naughty Dog shared details on The Last of Us Factions. This multiplayer-only PS5 title promises a new narrative and characters while bringing back the tense team-based gameplay established in the original Last of Us, but will it deliver?

I might not be too excited for this one, but I do recognize that Sony needs some exclusive multiplayer games for the PlayStation 5, especially after the bomb that was Destruction AllStars. Here’s hoping we get more than a JPEG at the PlayStation Showcase because I’m ready to see this one in action.

5. Stellar Blade

Stellar blade eve
Image via SHIFT UP Corporation

Of all the new IPs coming to the PS5, the one that looks the most enticing to me has got to be Stellar Blade. This hack-and-slash reminds me of everything I love about Bayonetta. Fluid combat, outrageous enemies, and enormous setpieces are all on display here. While genre mainstays like Devil May Cry still thrive in 2023, it’s nice to see a fresh face in the medium, especially one propped up by Sony to this degree.

4. Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake

Metal Gear solid 3 remake snake eater solid snake ultimate
Image via Nintendo

As one of the most popular games in the Metal Gear Solid franchise, fans are begging for a remake of Snake Eater. This 2004 masterpiece is loved for its revolutionary narrative above all else. It’s a title that, almost 20 years later, still gets praise for storytelling. Long-time fans could finally get what they’ve been asking for, as the remake is heavily rumored.

It may not be a PlayStation-exclusive title, but hearing info during such a big showcase would send shockwaves online. I never played Metal Gear Solid, but it’s my dad’s favorite game series. I hope we see a reveal for his sake because nothing’s better than sharing games with my father.

3. Wolverine

wolverine 7 games i want to see playstation showcase
Image via PlayStation Studios

Spider-Man 2 might be the show’s star in 2023, but Insomniac has more on the horizon. The team behind Spider-Man: Miles Morales is hard at work on Wolverine, an M-rated take on the popular mutant set in the same universe as Spider-Man.

I’m not expecting gameplay from 2023’s PlayStation Showcase for this one. I just want to know more about it. What’s the setting, and what can we expect from the narrative in Wolverine? Ideally, I’d like another cinematic trailer to help highlight a few of these points and a release year (but I’m not holding my breath there).

2. Ghost of Tsushima 2

ghost of tsushima 2 playstation showcase
Image via Sucker Punch Productions

It’s been almost three years since Sucker Punch Productions dropped Ghost of Tsushima, the marvelous open-world samurai epic on Tsushima Island. It’s been long enough that rumors are rumbling about a sequel made exclusively for PS5. After the Iki Island Expansion, Sucker Punch Productions went dark, and we’ve heard little from them since.

The original Ghost of Tsushima was one of my favorite titles of 2020, and if it weren’t for Hades and Final Fantasy VII Remake, it would’ve been my GOTY, so I’d gladly welcome a second helping from this series. I can only imagine the incredible narrative and improved mechanics they’re cooking up if a sequel is indeed in the works.

1. Bloodborne Remake

Bloodborne playstation showcase
Image via PlayStation

Of all the remakes, remasters, and definitive editions released over the last decade, Bloodborne remains a title in PlayStation’s catalog lacking that treatment. As my favorite souls-like and one of the best PS4-exclusives in the console’s history, it’s a crime to see this one be forgotten. The interchangeable weapons, gunplay, and harrowing boss encounters remain unrivaled for me over a full console generation later.

Hopefully, Sony sees the outcry from fans and gives us a revitalized trip through Yarhnam, one with higher framerates, textures, and quicker loading screens. If this one gets shown, I expect it to be one of the best announcements of the show.

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