Critics have mixed opinions on The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Critics and fans have opposing opinions on this video game adaptation.

With The Super Mario Bros. Movie now in theaters, critics can finally share their thoughts on this video game adaptation. Unfortunately, scores aren’t stellar from film reviewers. The Super Mario Bros. Movie is officially rotten on the Rotten Tomatoes website.

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie currently sits at 54% on Rotten Tomatoes‘ Tomatometer with 125 reviews on record. Critics cited a thin plot and an overuse of in-game references when panning the film. What makes the negative scores so interesting in Mario’s movie is that the critiques are what fans have asked for for the past decade.

The disconnect between critics and fans is apparent in the Audience Score, which is 95% as of April 5.

The Super Mario Bros movie rotten tomatoes
Image via Rotten Tomatoes

Moreover, those familiar with the games and source material loved Mario’s feature film. IGN, for example, gave the title a faithful adaptation of Mario’s world and characters with top-notch animation.

It’s worth noting that Sonic the Hedgehog’s first theater outing didn’t have stellar scores from critics but saw high praise from fans. Sonic the Hedgehog stands at a 64% critic score, with audiences giving it a 93%.

While scores could change in the coming days, it seems that this is a movie that critics and fans will feel very differently about. If you love the Mario games and grew up with them, you’ll likely still have fun with Mario, Luigi, and the Mushroom Kingdom.

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